Adult Instruction Programs

We offer classes for adults that will allow you to either refine your skills or develop the basics to get started in the game of golf. If you are an avid golfer or just getting started, group lessons can help you to master thegame in a fun environment. Learning the game can be intimidating, but these classes are designed to make you feel comfortable and engaged, and have people of like skill set to play the course with.

GOLF FUNDAMENTALS CLASS (4-week program - $150)
The Golf Fundamentals Class combines swing basics with fitness to help you better understand how to properly perform a golf swing to avoid injury. We meet for 60 minutes each week for 4 weeks.

Week 1 - We will work on getting the entire body working in harmony in the golf swing. Emphasis will be getting the lower body involved and which muscles should activate.

Week 2 - Understanding the golf swing so that you can make the correct adjustments to fix miss hits. Learning how to activate the core muscles and the proper shoulder turn.

Week 3 - Short game fundamentals will be introduced. Proper technique for chipping & putting. Learning how to stabilize your lower body which is crucial in the game of golf.

Week 4 - Review the fundamentals of the golf swing and work with each student’s personal limitations with the swing as well as the body.

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