David F. Wright, Ph.D., PGA
Wright Balance Golf Academy at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club is
Ranked the #1 Golf School in America by Golf Magazine.

Dr. David Wright, one of the country’s leading golf instructors, is a Golf Magazine "Top 100 Instructor". He has been a golf teaching professional for over 25 years and has received numerous accolades for excellence as a golf instructor with numerous awards from Golf Magazine, Golf Digest & Golf Digest of Japan & the PGA of America.
Dr. David Wright has perhaps the most diverse background of any PGA instructor in the world. Prior to becoming a golf professional, he earned two doctorates (Ph.D.s). He was a full time member of the faculty of the University of Southern California School Of Medicine for 4 years. He has remained a member of the clinical faculty of the School of Medicine for 26 years. As one of the top teachers in America, Dr. Wright is able to draw upon this diverse background to help golfers reach their maximum potential.
He was an Assistant Coach to the University of Southern California Men’s and Women’s Golf Teams from 2000 to 2008. During his tenure, the two teams combined to win two Division I NCAA National Championships, five Regional and four Conference Championships, seven Top 5 finishes in the NCAA Finals, two Individual NCAA Champions, and two NCAA Players of the Year.
Dr. Wright completed 3 years of biomechanics research in Dr. Frank Jobe’s (Tommy John Surgery) lab at Centinela Hospital where he did research with Drs. Jobe, Mellman and Watkins on Balance. He has a biomechanics lab at the front of the range here at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club where he continues his research. His students begin their schools and lessons with a comprehensive balance assessment to determine their ideal stance width and posture for their swing and putting. Individuality of measurement creates a set up that is specific to the individual.
Dr. Wright's students range from beginner to professional. He has worked with over 100 tour players worldwide, including Kevin Stadler, Dennis Paulson, Pat Burke, Esteban Toledo, Paul Azinger, Hunter Mahan, Chris Stroud, Bob E. Smith, Jimmy Adams, Kim Saiki, Jan Stephenson, Sandra Palmer, Jennifer Wyatt, Laurie Rinker, Karen Noble, Marta Figueras Dotti, Anne Marie Palli and many more.
Dr. Wright conducts golf schools and individual lessons here at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club, and teaches at other select national and international locations throughout the year. He also has biomechanics/balance fitting centers at PGA West, in Oakland and Lake Forest. Dr. Wright has authored three books on golf and many video and teaching aids.
Dr. Wright's first-time lessons rates are $$200 for adult and junior, for an hour and a half lesson. Subsequent hour-long lessons are $200 for adults, $150 for juniors.
Dr. Wright can be reached at (949) 285-1447 or through www.wrightbalance.com

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