Junior Instruction Programs

PGA Professional Instruction
  • Year-round Eight Week Sessions
  • Golf clubs provided

Level 1 - Developmental $280
An introduction to the game of golf and Fitness. Students will learn putting, chipping, pitching, full swing, rules & etiquette. Fitness basics will include proper warm-up, body control, balance & Stability. Successful completion of a putting evaluation is required to move to level 2.

No experience or clubs required.

Level 2 - Mechanics $280
Students will learn full swing, putting, chipping, rules & etiquette. Fitness training will include warm-up, separation of upper and lower body, stability, agility and speed. Successful completion of short game evaluation is required to move to level 3

Pre-requisite: Exposure to the game of golf or have completed level 1

Level 3 - Players $280
Students will fine tune their swings with the introduction of ball flight laws. Focus for this class will be on short game shots around the green. Pitch shots, chipping, and bunkers. Fitness will include warm-up routine, body control, balance, stability, agility, speed, and striking.
Successful completion of short game evaluation is required to move to level 4

Pre-Requisite: Successful completion of level 2

Level 4 - Tournament Ready $280
Majority of class will be spent on the golf course playing golf shots and learning how to score. Emphasis is to learn how to play golf at a high level and prepare for tournaments and high school golf. Students will have warm-up routine, be able to separate upper and lower body, balance, stability, agility, speed, striking, core strength, and visualization.

Pre-Requisite: Successful completion of level

Level 5 - Tournament Golf $280
Focus is on becoming an overall great player. Shot making and course management. Individual fitness assessment and workout routines.

Pre-Requisite: Instructor Approval

**Make-up Policy**
Students will be permitted to make up 2 missed class sessions by attending another class during the same 8 week session. Please check with instructor for available times
* Weekday or Weekend classes available
For complete schedule of classes and to register for the class that best fits your schedule please visit http://www.scgolfacademy.com
Summer Camps
Little Juniors Summer Camp
Juniors Summer Camp
High School Summer Camp
Afternoon Camps for boys and girls ages (7-11) and (12-16)
Summer Break Golf Camps available for Juniors and High School Students. Click here for more information.